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Ridgeline™ specialty oils are high-quality lubricants that are individually adapted to your application.

Pump Jack Oil Drip Oil Rock Drill Oil Process Oil Part Cleaner Bar & Chain Oil

Pump Jack Oil

Features and Benefits
  • Unique balance of extreme pressure additives extends equipment life through minimized gear wear.
  • Limits wear during equipment start- up and acceleration, as well as during extreme loading conditions, by minimizing metal-to-metal contact, providing excellent heavy load protection during low speed/high-torque service.
  • Specially formulated to control rust and corrosion of all types of metal surfaces.
  • Compatible with yellow metals such as brass, bronze and copper to resist excess wear.
  • Quality base oils and antioxidant additive produce a lubricant with excellent resistance to high temperature degradation for longer lubricant life.

Drip Oil

Features and Benefits
  • Good anti-wear performance helps reduce pump wear and prolonging pump life.
  • Corrosion protection helps reduce the effects of moisture on system components.
  • Filterability to prevent filter blockage even in the presence of water.

Rock Drill Oil

Features and Benefits
  • Rust and corrosion protection
  • Tackiness for lubricant adherence
  • Minimizes wear

Process Oil

Features and Benefits
  • Low deposit properties
  • Rapid release of entrained air
  • Low pour points

Part Cleaner

Features and Benefits
  • Non-Chlorinated
  • No Residue
  • Fast Evaporating
  • Excellent Cleaning Efficiency

Bar & Chain Oil

Ridgeline™ Bar & Chain Oils are high quality fluids that are designed to withstand the tough requirements and operating conditions to keep you chainsaws well lubricated and at peak performance. 

Recommended for use in all types of chain saws using manual or automatic oilers for lubrication of the bar, chain and sprocket. This may include (but not limited to) hand held and commercial machines. They are exceptional lubricants for open bearings, gears and chains found in industrial applications such as sawmills, woodlands, mining operations, or anywhere a tacky, nondrip oil and/or tacky red oil is required

Features and Benefits
  • Prevents wear 
  • Reduces dripping and throw-off 
  • Clings to chain even at high temperatures and speed 
  • Protects your chain saw chain and bar 
  • Includes tackiness agent to keep oil on the chain 
  • Prevents premature chain wear at low and high temperatures 
  • Ideal to use in all weather conditions


Ridgeline™ Bar & Chain Oil Summer is a hi-tack bar and chain lubricant formulated for summer use. This heavy weight oil offers outstanding anti-wear protection and maintains its hi-tack during high heat operating conditions to keep your equipment running smoothly. Recommended operating temperature range is from 10° C to 45° C.


Ridgeline™ Bar & Chain Oil Winter has been specially formulated for lower ambient operating temperatures during the winter months. Its hi-tack attributes and greater flow rate allows the oil to adhere to the bar and chain to maintain protection and performance of high speed moving parts even in colder temperatures. Recommended operating temperature range is from -45° C to 0° C.

All Season

Ridgeline™ Bar & Chain Oil All Season is a premium formula specifically designed to fit a wide variety of ambient operating temperature ranges. The hi-tack All Season oil delivers protection and performance all year round for ease of mind and simplicity of inventory. Recommended operating temperature range is from -15° C to 30° C.

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